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Monkey see monkey do

What sleep habits are we teaching our kids?

This isn’t intended as a parent-shaming article… parents tend to have more than enough heaped on them as they navigate the complex task of balancing home and work lives in a modern world.

But it is a question that we should ask ourselves from time to time. Eating at an appropriate time before bedtime, having a regular bedtime that includes a calming routine before bed, providing comforters and sense of safety – all these things we instinctively do for our kids, but far less so for ourselves.

When all’s said and done, we can talk a good talk – but our kids (particularly as they grown into teenagers) are far more influenced by our actions than our words. So, if we don’t take our sleep needs seriously, why should we expect our kids to?

Experts agree that sleep plays a fundamental role in our children’s health and development, so if you’re passionate about teaching and modelling healthy lifestyles for your children, demonstrate the importance of sleep by looking after your own.

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