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Mr Snooze and Little Miss Lie-in

We love the Mr Men and Little Miss books…

Favourites of children and grown ups alike, Roger Hargreaves’ simple yet insightful stories come alive in the colourful characterisations in those little white square books of his leaving the Mr Men and Little Miss books to capture the hearts and bedtimes of many thousands of readers over the years.

So, this week, we’re asking: if you categorised your sleep personality as a Mr Men or Little Miss character, which would you be?

Do you drag out bedtime like Little Miss Late?

Or struggle to get out of bed and nod off all day like Mr Lazy?

Do you talk in your sleep like a Little Miss Chatterbox?

Or is your approach to sleep and life generally a bit chaotic like Mr Nonsense?

Are you fussy about your bedclothes like Little Miss Neat?

Or are you Mr Mean when you wake up in the morning?

We could go on, there are so many wonderful personality types to choose from and, in fact, therein lies the point. Variety is the spice of life and often what makes us different makes us who we are.

The Mr Men and Little Miss characters often come to a realisation about themselves in their story, either as a means of making the best of their uniqueness, or to undergo some form of transformation. In real life, we can’t always help who we are and the sleep personality we have. But, like our Little Miss and Mr Men friends, if we recognise who we are, we can make the best of it or – if necessary – make some changes.

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