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My cup of tea

Us Brits love a brew don’t we – some people refuse to get out of bed before sinking their first mug of tea of a morning.

English breakfast tea, chamomile tea, black tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling tea, Gunpowder tea, white team, Assam…the list of tea varieties readily available to us is endless. However – in spite of all the varieties available, all the methods of brewing them and all the teacups they could be served in – somehow there’s just one combination that hits the spot first thing in the morning.

Similarly to how everyone has a blend and brew of tea that’s just their cuppa, when it comes to designing your handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds, there are many individual choices that go into the blend of what #perfectsleep looks like to you.


With our mattresses and divans available in sizes up to Super King Size as standard – larger still for bespoke orders – go as big as you can when it comes to investing in your sleep.

Spring count

Layers of pocket springs and mini comfort springs provide unique support for your whole body. The higher the spring count, the more luxurious support you can expect from your mattress.


Because our mattresses are handmade, they’re also made to your choice of comfort by using either soft, medium and firm tension springs. Try one of our mattresses in a retailer near you to find the right comfort for your body or – if you co-sleep – for you and your partner’s combined weight and comfort.

Having a mattress handmade for you is special. Take your time in choosing the perfect blend for you and enjoy #perfectsleep for many years to come with Millbrook Beds.