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National Stress Awareness Month

Stress is a word that we use casually these days. It’s a word that gets bandied around and used to describe even a momentary struggle or disagreement. But trivialising stress and the damaging impact it can have on us and our relationships is unwise; the underlying health impact of prolonged stress has given it a reputation as a silent killer.

April is National Stress Awareness Month. 

As with other awareness campaigns, National Stress Awareness Month is about looking at some of the causes and symptoms of stress and identifying where to find help if you or a loved one is affected. Find out more about the campaign and helpful resources at http://stressawarenessmonth.com 

A huge part of managing stress is having time away from the source of stress to help re-balance and put things back in perspective. Finding the right balance – perhaps between our hobbies, rest, sleep and relationships – may not take the source of our stress away, but it does help us maintain perspective. When this perspective disappears, stress can invade other areas of your life i.e. you take a home problem to work or vice versa.

Another critical factor in coping with stress is our sleep health. Without positive sleep, keeping perspective on our problems becomes harder as our brain struggles to process and think rationally in stressful situations without proper rest. In times of stress, you’ll need to be intentional about protecting your sleep.

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