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National Stress Awareness Month

Few people can claim they aren’t affected by stress in some form at the moment, but timing is everything as this month marks none other than National Stress Awareness Month.

Running for 30 days throughout the month of April, never could organisers and contributors to National Stress Awareness Month have foreseen the relevance and need for the resources they’d prepared in their planning for this month, but what fantastic timing indeed.

Packed full of helpful information to help us understand stress and how it affects us, accompanied by an abundance of tools to help manage and conquer stress, the Stress Management Society’s website is a goldmine for anyone feeling burdened by stress during this especially challenging time: https://www.stress.org.uk/national-stress-awareness-month-2019/

It’s a stressful time we’re living in certainly, but we also living in enlightened times when it comes to managing stress. Even if you only suspect you might be feeling stressed, and with or without a lot of time on your hands, it’s worth taking those few moments to check out the resources available throughout National Stress Awareness Month.