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Natural high

Where do you find your natural highs?

Maybe you feel great when you look after yourself, getting a natural high from a good workout… Or perhaps rejuvenation does it for you and your natural high comes from a spa day or somehow investing in your wellbeing… Or maybe you get a natural high from sitting down to a soothing home cooked meal, from spending time outdoors or from sex?

Natural highs lift our spirits in natural ways and, thankfully, natural highs are everywhere if we’re conscious about being kind to ourselves and including them in our lives i.e. by making time for ourselves.

One of the most foundational natural highs in life is sleep. Restoring our physical, mental and emotional energy levels, sleep is a powerful natural high that – when nurtured – can help sustain our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Thankfully nurturing your sleep comes naturally in the natural comfort of a Millbrook Bed. Traditionally handmade, our pocket sprung mattresses harness the best of the natural world in the form of the finest natural fillings available. Why? Because the natural fillings we use – such as Hampshire wool, English Fine Cotton, silk and soft bamboo – far outperform synthetic fillings when it comes to softness, thermostatic regulation and durability.

So, with natural fillings nurturing your sleep naturally, you can find your natural high from your sleep night after night with a luxurious Millbrook Bed.