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No…like, really.

How often do you hear people say they’ve tried ‘everything’ to get to sleep at night, everything except switching off their mobile phone and resting that is.

Late night browsing on social media, binge tv watching and evening snacking inhibit our body’s natural process of unwinding for sleep but – having done all those things – if we don’t instantaneously fall asleep come bedtime, we’re stamping our feet like toddlers claiming “it’s not fair” and citing the ineffectiveness of a pillow spray as the scapegoat for our poor habits.

As with many things in life, we’re usually happy to try quick and easy remedies as long as they don’t inconvenience us in any way. But, when it comes to sleep, there are no sticky-plaster fixes.

So if you’re not sleeping well and the only ‘everything’ you’ve tried so far is half-hearted and convenient lifestyle changes, it’s time to commit to some changes…like, real changes…beginning with a simple three-step checklist:

  1. Bedtime routine – this isn’t just about what order you do things in as you’re getting in bed, it’s about how you allow your body to prepare for sleep during the evening including what you do (exercise, screen time, relaxing activities), what you eat and what you drink.
  2. Bedroom environment – is your bedroom cool, dark and free of noise pollution (inasmuch is possible)? If not, why are you expecting to sleep well in it?
  3. Sleep comfort – poor quality beds result in poor quality sleep. It’s as simple as that.

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