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Old school

Do you ever find yourself being drawn to the nostalgia of all things ‘old school’? If so, you’re not alone.

For some, going back to the old school is about upholding traditional values and customs. For others, their enjoyment of retro can be anything from revisiting the fashions of eras that were more unabashedly glamorous, collecting music from the school days of old, restoring vintage cars to the retro British art scene. But for most people who love ‘old school’ themes and things, it goes deeper than a superficial dalliance with vintage styling. 

The appeal of old school things often comes from a craving for authenticity and, in spite of modern progress, something better.

It’s a bit like the knowledge that your father in law’s vintage Fred Perry polo shirt collection slays anything in your t’shirt collection. Or the realisation that your organic paleo diet isn’t really so different to the meat and three veg from the allotment lifestyle your grandparents have lived their whole life. Modernity doesn’t always compete well with old school simplicity.

At Millbrook Beds we’re old school in many ways too.

Old school in our approach to preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques…

Old school in using our hands to make our beds…

Old school in commitment to quality fabrics, fillings and finishes…

These attributes might not sound old school but, believe us, in a modern manufacturing context they are extremely rare.

If your love of all things old school has to do with authenticity, quality and heritage, you’ll love everything about the luxurious traditionally handmade beds we make.