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On the bright side

The clocks have changed and it’s really beginning to feel as though Spring is sprung.

Not least of all there’s a sense that the lighter mornings really can equate to brighter mornings, enabling us to begin our days feeling more positive and energised. 

Light plays an instructive role in our circadian rhythm. Impacting everything from our metabolism to how and when our brains produce melatonin, scientists are working hard to unlock more and more about how and why our bodies respond to light exposure in the way they do.

When light influences our circadian rhythm’s patterns of wakefulness and sleepiness, light can have a dramatic impact on our sleep too. For instance an evening spent under bright artificial lights, can work against your body’s process of slowing your metabolism in preparation for sleep. And, with the coming of bright summer morning sunshine, blackout curtains will be added to many home shopping lists in an attempt to avoid early morning waking.

One thing’s certain, when it comes to sleep, the lightest touches of light can have a big impact on the way we sleep.

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