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On the plus side

The heavier the subject, often the harder it is to bring up and – when it comes to matters relating to our weight – that definitely ranks up near the top in terms of tricky conversation starters…

However, with 64%* of the adult population of the U.K. now categorised as either overweight (with a BMI between 25 and 30) or obese (with a BMI over 30), it’s only logical that our changing shape may be having an impact on the way we sleep.

If you’re on the plus side, the first and perhaps most obvious observation is that, with a larger body size, you need a larger sleeping area. If you have two plus-sized co-sleepers sharing a 4’6 standard double mattress, it’s very likely they will be experiencing more sleep disturbance.

The second observation is that, the heavier your body weight, the more support your body will need. A plus-sized person sleeping on a soft spring tension is unlikely to be getting the support they need in terms of sleep comfort, or the support they need in terms of their neck and spine.

The final observation to make is one that is most obvious still as it has been well publicised in recent years: there is a relationship between poor sleep and obesity.

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* Source: Obesity Statics Research Briefing, House of Commons Library