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On the turn

The season is most certainly on the turn. 

Leaving the house before 9am? Forget the flip flops. 

Planning a late summer barbecue? Better make it an early one before it gets dark.

Wanting to delay thinking about Christmas? Bad luck, advent calendars and selection boxes are aplenty in the shops.

But the turning season isn’t all bad. Here at Millbrook Beds, we have a special Autumn promotion that might just cheer you up as we’re offering a free size upgrade when you buy a Millbrook Beds mattress or divan set. 

After all it’s not just the season that turns and changes. A mattress that has turned a certain age changes from being a mattress that can sustain a comfortable night’s sleep, to one that can’t. 

If you’ve been thinking of replacing an old mattress or bed that’s on the turn, use our turn of the season special Autumn promotion as your opportunity to go bigger and get more #perfectsleep for your money.