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Outside in

Whatever our circumstances, nearly everyone has come to have a greater appreciation for the great outdoors in recent weeks – even if it’s simply a question wanting to be out in it more.

Whether observing birds and wildlife in our gardens, creating mini growing projects in any window sill space or rediscovering green spaces near to our homes – nature may have had a soothing role to play in what’s been a stressful time.

Positively effecting our mental health and wellbeing in ways beyond our understanding, nature is a powerful tool in helping us to relax. So, if you’re looking to make your bedroom a more relaxing space, all the more reason to invite a little more of the outdoors inside.

There’s many creative ways to achieve a bedroom that takes design cues from nature but here’s three effective ways:

1. Breathe life into your space – at risk of sounding obvious, houseplants are a great starting point and can even serve to help purify the air around you while you sleep.

2. Think earthy tones, leafy patterns, floral accents – add interest to neutral bedroom spaces with decorative touches and beautify your space at the same time as creating an outdoor connection.

3. Beauty in nature – a nature inspired bedroom should be the stage for naturally beautiful sleep. Handmade using natural fillings and textiles that are free of chemicals, a luxury Millbrook Bed is the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom, naturally.