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Pairing guide

Truly perfect pairings make things extra special. Like strawberries and cream, popcorn and the big screen, salt and vinegar, rum and coke, mr whippy ice creams and the seaside, white wine and seafood….one thing isn’t anywhere near as special without the other.

In our relationships, it’s important to recognise that the things that make us perfect pairings in life don’t necessarily make us the same, often quite to the contrary in fact. Perfect pairings compliment and accentuate one another by virtue of their differences.

So you and your partner may be the perfect pairing in life and in love….but the things that make you different can mean you’re not necessarily the perfect pairing in sleep. If opposites attract, you can have a night owl paired with a morning lark, a larger person paired with a petite person and someone who loves to spoon with someone who needs their own space in bed!

Thankfully with a handmade Millbrook Bed, our own perfect pairing of quality and hand craftsmanship means that we can help you both get what you want from your bed. 

With combi tension mattresses and zip and link beds, you can choose which side of the bed will be yours and your own comfort level appropriate to your size, weight and preference. And, with our handmade beds coming in super king size as standard and even larger for custom orders, you can give valuable space for fidgety sleepers and reduce sleep disturbances for differing bedtimes. 

Whatever your pairing in life and in love, find your perfect pairing in sleep in a handmade Millbrook Bed.