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Park here

City centre parking is rarely a stress free experience. The British Parking Association estimate that motorists spend nearly four days a year looking for a parking space*. And, at this time of year, the pressure is even greater to find available parking in that narrow window of time you’ve set aside to visit the shops. It’s easily enough to send your stress levels soaring and that’s without even giving any thought to what we spend on the rising cost of those concrete rectangles!

So, after a stressful day about town, what better parking spot for your weary body and mind than the spacious, inviting and luxurious comfort of a handmade Millbrook Bed? 

Available in sizes up to Super King Size as standard, it’s a parking spot easily big enough to accommodate you and your co-passenger in life…

Pocket sprung from the divan base up to the mattress, it’s designed with shock absorbency in mind to de-pressurise your body while you’re parked…

And, better still? It’s all yours so you won’t have to have a Mexican stand off over it – well, not unless it’s with the cat anyway.

Source: Research from the British Parking Association, https://www.britishparking.co.uk/News/motorists-spend-nearly-four-days-a-year-looking-for-a-parking-space