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Part of the family

This Christmas particularly we’re given to thinking about family; what it means for us to be together and – for some families – what it means for us to have to be apart.

Family is an inescapable element of who we are. We might not choose to identify with our parents or grandparents in many of the values they hold but, whether in big or small ways, those values will have impacted who we’ve become.

At Millbrook Beds, family is everything. 

With humble beginnings, Walter Croll opened his upholstery and bedding shop in 1946 in the Millbrook area of Southampton. Never could he have imagined that, 74 years later, his business would have grown and thrived as it has. 

Not only is Millbrook still run by the same family to this day, but many of the skilled mattress and divan makers and seamstresses have made Millbrook part of their family too by following their parents or grandparents into the Company. 

To everyone, the excellence and high reputation of Millbrook is a matter of quiet personal pride and it is perhaps this, more than any other factor, that results in the supreme quality and finish of each piece of Millbrook furniture.