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Perfect pairing

You and your partner may make a perfect pairing in life… perhaps you look gorgeous together… perhaps you’re even soulmates. But what about what happens in bed?

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this isn’t an article about sexual compatibility, instead we’re thinking about what makes a couple a perfect pairing in terms of sleeping next to one another.

Other than the obvious points that it helps to have a partner who’s not a restless sleeper, who doesn’t get up to the loo multiple times during the night and who doesn’t snore, a perfect pairing in mattress terms has to do with size and weight. This is because what’s beautifully comfortable to one person at one size and weight on their side of the mattress, can be very uncomfortable indeed to a person of a very different size and weight on the other side of the same mattress.

Until now.

The DreamSense™ smart system is a brand new core mattress technology from the Millbrook Bed Company. Controlled via an app, the dual control system manually adjusts comfort levels on either side of the mattress, tailoring the bed to simultaneously manage the individual comfort requirements of two people.

Find your perfect pairing in bed with DreamSense™ from the Millbrook Bed Company.