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Please pay here

In a world where nothing comes for free, we’re used to paying for stuff.

But imagine getting to the checkout and hovering your credit card over the contactless device to notice that the price you’re paying is your skin quality, your metabolism, your concentration and potentially even your long term health. We’d like to think you’d be thinking twice before tapping your card.

In reality, that’s the price many of us are paying week in week out when we put sleep to the bottom of our list.

Sleep isn’t a ‘nice to have’. Our brains and our bodies need sleep to function, so much so, our bodies can begin to malfunction when we don’t get enough of it. And getting enough sleep isn’t just about the hours you spend asleep, getting enough sleep is also about sleep quality – i.e. getting enough from your sleep – and this is more often where a sense of dissatisfaction with our sleep can lie.

Inasmuch as it’s easy to pay the price for not sleeping, it’s also too easy to short-change our sleep with a poor quality mattress. Poor quality mattresses aren’t breathable and therefore can’t regulate your changing body temperature overnight, they aren’t designed to provide flexible support for your neck and spine and – among many other shortcomings – they aren’t designed to last either.

The cost of poor sleep is too high, it’s time to stop paying it. Find out more about the kid of #perfectsleep that comes with a quality handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds.