The word plush is one of those words that’s almost as enjoyable to speak as is the experience of what it describes. Plush things are enjoyable by definition: luxurious and lavish, sumptuous and upmarket, grandiose and opulent, plush things are altogether rather fancy

At Millbrook Beds we’re lovers of all things plush, and we’d go as far to say that handmade ‘plushness’ is at the heart of the way we design and handcraft luxury sleep into the material of our mattresses and beds. Plush handmade mattresses that are both strokably soft and yet supportive, plush upholstered divans that provide a stylish base and practical storage solutions, plush upholstered headboards that create a finishing touch for your luxurious bed and a style statement for your bedroom – we love making beautifully plush things.

Of course, none of these things would be deserving of their ‘plush’ accolade were it not for our commitment to quality that sees us use some of the finest natural fillings including cashmere, wool and bamboo finished with a painstaking attention to detail including hand tufting and hand side stitching.

Find gorgeous plush furnishings to love and to last with Millbrook Beds and accessories, all handmade in England. Shop our ranges online and in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you now