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Pocketful of wonderful

It’s the time of Autumn when we’ve finally had to resort to digging our thick coats from the back of the cupboard.

How often at this time of year have you slipped your hand in your coat pocket for the first time in a year and found something that transports you back to another time and place? Maybe a train ticket, a restauraant receipt, a note or any other random insignificant item left in your pocket that takes on new significance as it becomes a memory aid.

So it seems, even as adults, our pockets can be adorned with items of wonder – just like when we were children.

Here at Millbrook Beds, we think there’s something very special about pockets too. That’s why we put up to 14,000 of them in our handmade mattresses. Individually pocket-nested springs are one of the features that make a handmade Millbrook Bed special, unique and, well, that bit more wonderful.

Unlike open coil mattresses where the springs are anchored together as part of a rigid framework, individually pocket nested springs move independently from one another providing unique support and responding to your body in a superior way to enable you to feel wonderfully rested. 

Aren’t pockets wonderful things.