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Podding off

Believe it or not, there’s some thinking going around that – as a nation – we don’t find it as easy to fall asleep as we once did.

Many reasons for this phenomenon spring to mind along with many solutions, however, the solution to the problem for an increasing number of people is the podcast. By the by, for podcast-newbies, it’s worth realising that you don’t have to be young and trendy to listen to podcasts. Whatever your interest, there’s a podcast for you; in fact there are millions of hours of podcasts across hundreds of thousands of episodes. 

Podcasts are a convenient way to absorb information or listen for leisure when you’re on the go, in your car or travelling by other means. However in spite of this, podcasts still tend to be predominantly listened to at home and especially at bedtime. The reason? For some, bedtime can be the first moments of our day that are ‘free’ to relax or do as we please and there’s also something relaxing about listening – with no input required on our part – we can just listen and momentarily travel to other times and places in our minds much as we would when we were read bedtime stories as children.

Better still, there are even podcasts specifically designed to help you fall asleep, not to mention The Sleep Council’s collection of ‘nodcasts’ featuring sounds including “rain” and “waves” voted for by the public as sounds that help them de-stress: https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/nodcasts/ 

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