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Poetically Majestic 

The word ‘majestic’ brings the association of something regal, something grand and something inherently luxurious – which is why it’s a fitting name for one of our newest mattresses – the Majestic 5000 luxury handmade mattress.

But there’s a poetry to the word ‘majestic’ that, when you discover it’s etymology, somehow makes sense. You see, ‘majestic’, along with many other dozens of words and well coined phrases, are thought to have been invented by William Shakespeare.

Words like ‘advertising’, ‘bedazzled’, ‘lacklustre’, ‘moonbeam’, ‘quarrelsome’ and ‘unreal’ sit within lengthy lists of words that are not known to have appeared in print prior to the publication of Shakespeare’s works. And while there’s no way of proving whether this means these words were invented by Shakespeare, or whether his works just provide their earliest debut in print, there’s a poetry to these words that – we like to believe – comes from the great poet himself.

And this week at Millbrook Beds we’re offering you the chance to win your very own Majestic 5000 mattress courtesy of our special competition.

To enter, all you have to do is to LIKE our Facebook page, LIKE the competition post and TAG a friend. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday 15th November and will be announced on Facebook. View full terms and conditions here INSERT LINK

Millbrook Beds…taking sleep comfort to the next (poetic) level.