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Pop of colour

We know that spring has arrived when we find ourselves looking for little pops of colour here and there in our homes.

Fresh flowers lend a cheerfulness to our kitchen table and irresistibly fresh florals and bright colours eek their way into our lives in everything from what we wear to what we eat. The freshness of these brighter colours in the newly brighter days somehow enlivens our senses as well as our interior or personal style.

At Millbrook Beds we’re in love with colour and we know how important it is to you to find the colour of your dreams for your dream bed.

That’s why we offer a choice of over 60 colours across a range of fabrics for our handcrafted and divans. It’s one of the many benefits of a traditional handmade approach to bed making, as well as paying the kind of close attention to quality needed for quality sleep, we can customise each bed in terms of comfort, size, storage and colour to your choice.

So why not add a pop of colour and comfort into your bedroom and your life this Spring with a handmade bed from Millbrook Beds. View our range of beds and colour swatches online now.