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Practice makes perfect

The phrase practice makes perfect so effortlessly roll off the tongue, too easily in fact. After all, how many of us have a commitment to practice a skill or an art form day in day out to perfect our abilities? 

Our modern world enables us to buy perfection at the click of a button or even a simple command to a voice assistant. Why dabble with homemade baking when you can order the finest patisserie to your front door? Why sew when fast fashion is cheap and readily available? Why learn to play an instrument when you can compose music and synthesise a multitude of sounds on your phone?

Why? Because there’s integrity in craftsmanship and, although there will always be a place for mass production in certain industries, some things are just better when they’re made by hand.

We strongly believe in a handmade approach to your sleep and, not only that, we’ve been practicing the art of making fine beds and mattresses day in day out for over 70 years now.

All this practice has culminated in our Perfect Sleep collection which is a range of mattresses and beds that we’ve redesigned from the spring up, layer by layer, to offer the perfect sleep. Offering a range of spring count models up to a top of the range bed featuring 7,000 hand-nested pocket springs plus extra layers of mini springs, along with all-natural raw materials such as Hampshire wool pads, flax, bamboo and mohair.

Millbrook Beds, offering the promise of craftsmanship integrity in every bed we make and, with over 70 years of practice, we think we’ve nailed perfection in our Perfect Sleep collection. Try for yourself…..