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There’s a secret to having a great day. 

Not everyone knows about the secret, and we can even still have a great day without even knowing or understanding the secret. But, once we’ve been let into the secret, it can unlock change.

The secret to having a great day is great sleep. 

Only having first replenished our energy with positive sleep can we expect to perform at our best physically and mentally. 

Only having first restored brains through positive sleep can we be equipped to learn and to manage our emotional responses to the world around us. 

Simply put, without positive sleep, we can lack the energy and resilience needed to make the difference between an average day and a great day.

So, now that you’re in on the secret, put it to best use and see what change it could unlock for you by nurturing your sleep. Nurturing your sleep could be about getting to bed at a reasonable time, changing some lifestyle habits around your caffeine, food fat and alcohol intake of an evening or it could be about replacing an old and worn out bed. Only you can know what nurturing your sleep means in your own personal context.

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