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Pull back the sheets

Who actually looks forward to the task of changing their bed linen?

As a nation, it’s thought the cumbersome nature of this task means we don’t do it often enough. The general consensus is that we ought to change them weekly or fortnightly as a minimum but, truthfully, we know our beds can wait a lot longer to be refreshed.

And ‘refreshed’ is a good word to focus on to motivate us, as that’s the exact outcome we’re hoping for. Much as we don’t like the drudgery of stripping, washing, drying – and, in some households, ironing – our sheets, we even less like the thought of what it is we’re ‘refreshing’ our sheets of when we change them (if you know you know and, if you don’t, we’re going to leave you with the gift of ignorance!).

Instead the gift of information we are going to share is this: in between the chore of changing your sheets, why not take some of that time back from the daily chore of making your bed. Why? Because overnight our bodies sweat, more than you might realise. So, upon waking, if the first thing we do is to smother our sleep surface with a duvet, we inadvertently trap this warmth and moisture creating an environment irresistible to dust mites!

So pull back the sheets and sleep clean by letting your mattress breathe and sleep clean with naturally breathable #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.