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Rare Finds

Rare finds

2020 has been year to discover local finds.

In an unprecedented mutiny against the globalisation that characterises our modern lives, in 2020 we’ve shopped locally, we’ve worked locally and spent our leisure time locally. Urban or rural – each beautiful in their own way – we’ve been forced to embrace the environment that surrounds us and in doing so we’ve discovered hidden gems that form part of the local character of where we live, but that perhaps we’ve never taken the time to visit before.

There’s so much beauty to be found on our doorstep, if we’re looking for it. That local farmer or producer, that hidden beauty spot, the bakery at the end of town that makes cakes like they don’t sell in supermarkets any more…these are the rare finds that are unique and special to where we live and should be celebrated.

Something that’s a uniquely special and rare find here in Hampshire is the beautiful wool produced by the sheep that graze the South Downs: Hampshire Wool. Sheep breeds that live and thrive in the milder Hampshire climate have access to good food supplies, which results in the sheep growing fuller and bulkier fleeces than sheep reared in other parts of the country.

Hampshire Wool, a rare find and a prized feature of our luxury handcrafted mattresses.