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Remarkable handiwork 

With a luxury Millbrook Bed, we like to think the difference in quality is apparent from near or from far. However, as you look closer, the remarkable handiwork is unmistakable.

That’s because there are some details we think are so important that, even in an age of advanced automation, we take care of them by hand. Details like:

Hand side stitching our mattresses

Every Millbrook Beds mattress features traditional hand-side stitching securing the outer springs to the border at top and bottom preventing ‘roll-out’, and is the most highly skilled and labour intensive of all our operations.  Side-stitching is carried out by senior upholsterers using traditional long needles and twine to make borders and edges stronger.  The effects on the mattress are significant: preventing the springs from distorting and extending the sleeping area right up to the edge of the bed.

Hand built divan bases

All divans are made from solid timber to carry the weight of the sumptuous mattress and load-bearing joints are secured and glued by hand for lasting strength.  All divans are mounted on hidden smooth running solid metal casters and drawers come complete with unique, smooth ball-bearing steel action runners.

Millbrook Beds, remarkable in our handiwork for over 70 years.