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Repetitive strain

Creeping, gradually developing pain is illusive – the slow progression of pain can mean we can’t identify or can even mis-identify the cause. We can find all sorts of things to attribute low level aches and pains to, and our pain threshold can also quickly become acclimated to this type of pain as well.

This is precisely why many people can miss the signs of a poor quality or aged mattress – they’ve become so accustomed to the dull ache of their muscles upon waking, their stiff neck and back and general weariness from sleep dissatisfaction that they don’t attribute these symptoms to their bed. And it’s ironic, the very bed from which they rest upon to restore their energy, can be the very thing that prevents this from happening as it should.

Sleeping on a poor quality, damaged or aged mattress night after night puts a repetitive strain on your sleep quality. A mattress that’s worn, or that was poorly designed or manufactured at its outset, will not provide sufficient support for your neck or spine.

Our luxury handmade beds provide pocket sprung support in both the mattress and the supporting divan base. Made according to a traditional ‘rightness of design’ and topped with the finest natural fillings, our 70+ years experience making beds has proven this to be the best recipe for #perfectsleep.