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This week we’re having a think about relaxation and, specifically, what does it for you? If and when you feel the need to relax, what is it that helps makes you feel restful?

Perhaps you feel more restful when you’re alone and you can meditatively immerse yourself in your own thoughts? Or perhaps you’re someone who is better at relaxing when you lose yourself in a crowd, sitting back with a coffee and watching the world go by around you?

Similarly some people prefer complete silence and need to drown out the noise to relax, whereas others find silence unnerving and need the familiarity of some background noise to help them switch off.

Some people use mood lighting to relax, whereas for others true relaxation is about sensory deprivation so the lights need to be off. For some people a massage is the ultimate indulgence in relaxation and yet, for others who are less tactile, a massage would be the least relaxing experience imaginable.

Doesn’t it just go to show that experience of relaxation is more individual than we tend to think? And this is interesting when we come to think about how we shape our downtime and build crucial relaxation time into our evenings and, interestingly, while we may have individual needs and quirks when it comes to relaxation methods, our need for comfort is universal.

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