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In the busy-ness of life, do you have spaces you can retreat to? Our bodies and minds crave space from time to time, a space physically separate where we can take a moment to breathe, reset and reinvigorate ourselves and a space to hear and process our thoughts and emotions.

Sadly we can’t jump ship to the spa daily, but we can adopt a favourite spot in the park to eat breakfast on the go…or a rest area at work where we can do some breathing…or a deserted corner of a coffee shop where we can become an anonymous people watcher for 15 minutes…or even a piano in the corner of a busy room to tinker on.

And – whether consciously or unconsciously – we retreat to our ultimate personal space away from the world every night: our bedrooms. We don’t know about you, but when we think of our bedrooms this way, it makes us want to make them a real retreat.

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