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Return of the matt

Your luxury pocket sprung mattress from Millbrook Beds has been designed and handcrafted to give you many years of comfort. But, in order for a pocket sprung mattress to keep returning many nights of comfort over many years, it need to be turned. 

Turning your mattress regularly, especially when it’s new, helps to ensure an even settlement of the natural fillings. Aim to turn your new mattress from side to side and end to end when you change your bed linen – after four months or so you can reduce turning to once a month.

If you have a non-turn (one-sided) mattress you can still rotate the mattress from end to end – without turning it over – to help prolong it’s lifespan.

It’s important to always get assistance while turning your mattress to avoid personal injury and to avoid bending or rolling your mattress in the process.

Keep turning your mattress and it will return the favour with many years of #perfectsleep.