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For many families who’ve had to wait for vaccination programme to run its course before regathering, the summer of 2021 is going to be a special summer of reunion with homes overflowing with houseguests.

If you’re fortunate and have a permanent guest bedroom, the process of entertaining house guests is a lot less invasive to yours and your family’s personal space. However, space, in itself, is not a one-way ticket to a comfortable and enjoyable stay; we’ve all stayed in cold and drab hotel rooms that can provide testament to that. 

Our four tips for thoughtful hosting:

#1 If your guest bedroom is usually for storing excess clutter, take the time to remove this before your guests arrive, don’t make them feel like they’re putting you out by doing this in front of them.

#2 Air the room before your guests arrive and, if the bedding has gathered dust, change the sheets for a fresh feel. 

#3 For atmosphere, add a scented diffuser or even a jam jar of freshly picked flowers from the garden as a thoughtful, decorative touch.

#4 Consider your guests’ sleep comfort. 

You know yourself how awful it is to stay away from home in an uncomfortable bed and how miserable it is to wake up the next morning feeling stiff, uncomfortable and weary from a restless night. 

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