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Rich layers

The best stories have many layers to unpeel, because layers suggest deeper meanings.

The best cakes have many layers to fork through, because layers have an indulgent taste.

The best put together outfits have many layers, because layers are stylish.

It’s little wonder that we’re drawn to things that are rich in layers, layers are appealing on so many levels – even when we’re asleep.

Perhaps you love nothing more than tucking up at night under the thick layer of your duvet and resting your head on layers of pillows, but it’s the layers going on underneath the sheets that are really making a difference to your sleep.

At Millbrook Beds, we’re so in love with layers that we are lavish with them in the design of our handmade mattresses.

Layers of locally sourced Hampshire wool, layers of fine English Cotton, layers of cashgora, layers of silk, layers of super soft bamboo, layers of pashmina – these are some of the fillings that build up #perfectsleep layer by layer in our handmade mattresses.

If you love your layers, find more to love with sumptuous layers of sleep comfort sewn into each and every one of our handmade mattresses, shop our range online or in the showroom of a quality furniture retailer near you.