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Rude awakening

How rude of the light mornings to disappear so abruptly!

The dark mornings have arrived and, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s chilly in the mornings too. It’s amazing how we forget every year what a difference the summertime light and warmth makes to our willingness to get out of bed – until it disappears. If we’re not careful, the return of the dark mornings can see us start our day in a dark mood.

And, we’re not making things easier this October here at Millbrook Beds. Sumptuously comfortable, and with the perfect amount of snuggle factor, our luxurious handmade beds don’t make the job of getting up any easier.

Except, on some level, they do. Getting up on a dark chilly morning (so early in the autumn that you’ve not yet found where your slippers are hiding) isn’t fun. But getting up on a dark chilly morning (still sans slippers) feeling stiff, groggy and unrefreshed is far worse.

The dark mornings may be an unwelcome sign of the changing season, but waking up from poor quality sleep can be a rude awakening each and every day of the year. If you’re still searching for better sleep, find #perfectsleep with Millbrook Beds.