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Safe and sound

Each of us undoubtedly have our own nightly rituals of things we do before we go to bed that help us sleep ‘safe and sound’.

Maybe your routine covers the simple basics of closing windows, locking the front door, switching off appliances and blowing out candles or putting out fires. Or perhaps your routine also involves checking on children, pets and animals to make sure everything is safe and comfortable for them overnight. 

All these little actions help to make us feel secure as we prepare for sleep, and this feeling of security is really important if we want to sleep well. Another way we feel safe and secure at nighttime is with a quality mattress that provides consistent support. 

At Millbrook Beds, our mattresses are handmade using traditional craftsmanship techniques and filled with individually nested pocket springs to provide unique support for your neck and spine.

Better still, detailed hand side stitching and our unique zonal edge spring system provides strength right to the mattress edge. This not only means you can make the most of every inch of your mattress, but it also gives the security of no roll off.

Sleep soundly with Millbrook Beds, your sleep is in safe hands.