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Savvy sleep

Don’t we feel empowered living in our technology-rich times?

Gone are the days when knowledge had to be handed down, taught, or we had to borrow a book from a library to learn something. Nowadays knowledge awaits us at a fingerprint, a swipe of a screen or a voice command. We can instantaneously access information that would’ve taken previous generations considerable time to acquire, however, our biggest challenge amongst the reams of ‘how to’ guides, lengthy lists of ‘hacks’ and information labelled as ‘facts’ is to discern what’s real and what’s advertising.

Sleep is one of those subjects that fills many many pages of top search engine results with ‘how to’ guides and ‘hacks’ telling us how to – and how not to – sleep. And with good reason. Sleep has a crucial role to play in our long term health and wellbeing so, of all the things we want to learn to do right, sleep should be one of them.

For savvy sleep however, the truth is we don’t need ‘hacks’ to sleep well, we simply need to take care of our sleep needs by maintaining a relaxing bedtime routine, creating a bedroom environment conducive to sleep and – crucially – giving ourselves a comfortable bed to sleep in each night.