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This year, Millbrook Beds proudly celebrates 75 years in the business of crafting quality furnishings.

And, if the definition of serendipity is when one accidentally finds something good, then we’d have to say that 75 years ago marked the beginnings of a serendipitous journey for Millbrook Beds. Because good things have indeed happened. 

We’ve not only built a company we’re proud of that produces mattresses and beds of the highest quality, we’ve employed generations of local families with many of our employees boasting decades of service. 

Along the way we’ve discovered raw and natural beauty in the fillings and materials we use, like locally sourced Hampshire Wool, and we’ve found amazing people in our suppliers who are as passionate as we are about quality.

We’ve found good things have come when we’ve stepped up to do our part too, taking pride in the progress we make to operate more sustainably and to make products that are better designed for end-of-life recycling, and making our community proud as we served to make gowns for local hospitals as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

And while not everything to do with our story of 75 years of Millbrook Beds has to do with serendipity – much of it has to do with a passionate team and an uncompromising vision – to our delight, we’ve accidentally found a huge amount of good along the way.