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Set the tone

This week at Millbrook Beds we’re thinking about the best way to set the tone for #perfectsleep.

Naturally, setting the tone for sleep centres around creating a calming space that calms your senses and your emotions. Creating a calming ambience for your bedroom isn’t as tricky as you might think, it’s just about the right tone or introducing variable tones in your use of light, sounds and decor.

Lighting tones

Think about introducing different lighting levels that might include soft ambient lighting, lights positioned at low height, using dimmers for high level lights and candles too if you find flickering candlelight relaxing (and can be sure to blow them out before sleep).

Sound tones 

Sound is an important – but often overlooked component – in the way we relax. Choose the best available bedroom to minimise noise from outdoors and, if you find sound a relaxing distraction, think about introducing low music, sound or even a voice on a podcast to set a soothing tone.

Colour tones

Colour effects our mood and, used intelligently, has the power to soothe our emotions. Think about using tones in your bedroom decor, layering colours as though they were comforting blankets to create a soothing effect.

Set the tone for #perfectsleep with a luxurious handmade mattress or bed from Millbrook Beds and find a gorgeous selection of colour tones to choose from for your handmade divan base and luxury headboard.