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Sewing machine day

At this remarkable moment in time, we can think of few things we’ve been more grateful for than our sewing machines.

In recent weeks and months, our amazing sewing team and their sewing machines have enabled us to be part of something far bigger even than crafting #perfectsleep in the sewing of mattresses and beds.

In recent weeks and months, our amazing sewing teams and their sewing machines have come to the rescue – quite literally – as we were approached by hospitals local to us here on the South Coast to help them in their uphill battle to provide hospital scrubs and gowns to enable them to continue their heroic frontline healthcare services.

It hasn’t been easy. Sourcing materials, learning to sew something completely different and then learning to sew that new something on a massive scale under huge time pressure has been a challenge we won’t forget in a hurry.

So, on Sewing Machine Day 2020, we wanted to take this moment to reflect on this achievement, to thank our sewing teams that – with thanks to the humble sewing machine – helped the NHS and helped our Nation’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19.