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Shall we..?

How do you pop the burning question? Despite what newer couples might think, the familiarity that goes along with long term relationships doesn’t necessarily make the ‘shall we have sex?’ proposition any easier.

And, if initiating intimacy isn’t always easy, imagine how much harder it can be if your neglected bedroom poses next to no competition to the downstairs TV. Come that certain time of the evening your bed should be calling you and, whether for sleep or for intimacy, that call ought to be louder than the TV listings. 

So, if you can’t hear your bed calling you, maybe it’s time to get one that shouts louder.

Let’s not pretend, there are many factors that can dampen a romantic moment but an unappealing bed has to be up there as one of them – a stained, lumpy or squeaky mattress hardly sets the scene for intimacy.

Make your bedroom feel special again with a luxurious handmade mattress or bed from Millbrook Beds. Handcrafted using some of the finest natural fillings and with superior pocket sprung comfort, you’ll find yourself listening for that call when bedtime comes around.

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