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Showcase your unique style

Walk into the living room of any home at Christmastime and you’ll see something completely unique. 

Festive decorations are a chance for people to showcase their style personalities, which is why you’ll see everything from suave and sophisticated modern interior decor schemes, to houses full of gonk gnomes, to homes illuminated with twinkling lights, to full on at-home grottos… and everything in between!

That’s because personal touches are what make the things in your home ‘just right’ for you, and nowhere is that ‘just right’ feeling more important in your home than your bed. #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds is all about sleep comfort that’s customisable to your needs.

So, when you order your new luxury handmade bed with us, you can showcase your unique style and customise your comfort by:

– Choosing from a range of luxury models and specifications with designs ranging up to 14000 spring count

– Choosing a mattress or bed in sizes up to super king size as standard – as well as non-standard sizes for bespoke orders

– Choosing between soft, medium or firm comfort levels

– Choosing from over 60 luxury fabrics in an array of colours for your divan base and matching headboard 

Showcase your style and enjoy personalised #perfectsleep comfort with Millbrook Beds.