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We all love a good show. Whether in a musical, dance or theatre production, amongst the line up of talented performers, there’s often a particular star of the show whether by design or not, someone that stands out and someone we can barely take our eyes off.

At Millbrook Beds our showstopper is our Grandeur 14000.

Quite simply the most luxurious bed we make, the Millbrook Beds Grandeur 14000 features up to 14000 individually hand-nested pocket springs (King Size – 150cm) offering superior support to the whole body and spine.

The ultimate in luxury sleep, the mattress for the Grandeur 14000 also combines the ultimate in luxurious natural fabrics and fillings. Its sumptuous fillings include Hampshire Wool, silk, cashgora, bamboo, pashmina and Fine English Cotton, all enveloped by a hand-tufted viscose cotton cover.

Handmade using 2000 full size pocket springs with 12000 body contouring comfort springs, the Grandeur 14000 provides unrivalled show-stopping sleep comfort.

With luxury mattresses and beds to suit every budget, all handmade in England, take your sleep to new levels of show-stopping performance with Millbrook Beds.