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Sick and tired

When we’re unwell, our beds are our sanctuary. There’s something in that moment when we resign ourselves to go to bed that brings a huge sense of relief – that moment we acknowledge that life and work can carry on for a day or so without us and we give in to our aching body.

Our beds never feel a more welcoming place than when we’ve travelled home with high fevers or with pains and shuddering chills. We instinctively go to our beds as we’ve done throughout the colds and bugs of every winter since we were small children, albeit we might have to get out of our beds to get our own medicines these days.

In fact the only thing worse if we’re feeling poorly is if your bed doesn’t provide the sanctuary you need. The last thing you need when you stagger home feeling poorly is the thought of spending the next 48 hours thrashing out a fever in on an old, lumpy and uncomfortable mattress.

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