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Signature style

At Millbrook Beds our luxury pocket sprung mattresses carry a mark that serves as a signature – a final flourish as it were for each and every handmade product. Millbrook Beds customers will recognise this signature as a single black tuft – but what does it mean?

The single black tuft on a mattress from Millbrook Beds pays homage to one of the quality fillings and materials used in its making, Hampshire Wool. Distinguishable by their black faces (hence the black tuft) Hampshire Wool sheep breeds are breeds from the Hampshire Down, the South Downs and others are downland types.

And where these sheep are from is particularly important as it effects their fleece. Because of the milder Hampshire climate and the fact that sheep breeds on the South Coast generally thrive with good access to food supplies, Hampshire Wool sheep breeds produce a fuller and bulkier fleece than in some other parts of the country. Used as a luxury mattress filling, this naturally bulkier wool not only improves the quality of a mattress, it’s superior thermal properties mean it improves sleep comfort too.

For all these reasons and more, we can think of no better signature to our quality mattresses than to celebrate the homegrown Hampshire Wool quality within.