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Sleep interrupted. (part one)

Over a quarter of women blamed partner disturbance as a contributor in poor sleep when asked by The Sleep Council*. Interestingly, The Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime Report also found women are much more likely to identify partner disturbance as a factor in poor sleep than men – 29% of women in comparison to 19% of men.

When it comes to sleep disturbance there’s not necessarily a magic one-size-fits-all wand to tackle the problem, but it is worth trying. Whether it’s night waking, snoring, shift work or other types of sleep disturbances, too many people can feel there’s nothing they can do to address the problem.

It’s time to interrupt that way of thinking. 

If your partner’s snoring is consistently affecting your sleep, urge them to speak to their GP as their snoring will also be affecting the quality of their sleep too – and there’s much more understanding, help and resources on offer these days for snoring and sleep apnea.

Night waking can have all types of causes, alcohol and stress being huge contributors. Encourage your partner to track their sleep and see if – between you – you begin to notice patterns that could help identify the cause.