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Sleep interrupted. (part two)

Sleep disturbance is a reality in many bedrooms across the country and, while we might make a joke of it amongst friends, the reality of poor sleep (whatever the cause) is far from funny.

In part one of our Sleep Interrupted. blog we thought about some of the bigger sleep disturbance culprits and felt encouraged to act on the causes of them.

Over and above these causes though, too few people make a connection between their beds and sleep disturbance but there can in fact be a very real connection. Sleep comfort, thermoregulation and sufficient sleeping area are hugely important in sustaining uninterrupted sleep. At Millbrook Beds, our mattresses are designed around these principles using high quality natural fillings to help keep your body temperature stable throughout the night.

Pocket sprung support is also hugely important when it comes to reducing sleep disturbance. Individually nested pocket springs not only provide unrivalled support and sleep comfort, but because they move independently from one another they also mean your partner’s movements on their side of the bed won’t create as much movement on yours.