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Sleepy soft hues

The pursuit of a cosy bedroom space can be harder than it first seems. The size, shape and lighting of some rooms can seem to conspire against cosiness, but there are a few tricks of the interior design trade.

Low lighting to create a glow, rugs for hard floors and subtle home fragrances are a great starting point. But, by far the best secret to a cosy bedroom space is the blending and layering of neutral tones and shades. As soft tones usually have the most comforting effect on us, they’re a natural choice and are favourable to many as they’re less likely to date in style.

At Millbrook Beds, each and every one of our luxurious mattresses, divans and headboards are handmade. This not only means it can be made to suit your individual comfort and storage preference but it also means you can select from a wide selection of colours for your divan base and headboard, including plenty of soft neutral hues.

And if blending and layering soft neutrals is a foolproof technique for cosiness, we think our recipe for #perfectsleep is a foolproof solution for your comfort.

Find the kind of luxurious softness that comes from within with expertly blended layers of the finest natural fillings in a handmade mattress from Millbrook Beds.