Sliding is fun. 

Why else is sliding associated with some of our favourite pastimes. As kids, who didn’t love the big slide at the playground? And a love of sliding sees millions of people pack up skis and snowboards and fly off in search of snow each winter, or stay home with their sledges and their fingers firmly crossed. 

So, for all our love of sliding, why is it that the expression ‘to let things slide’ is such a negative one? If we are to let things slide, it comes with a sense we’ve not paid close attention to something or – worse still – we’ve neglected a responsibility.

But, in our increasingly busy lives, we can also argue that we should all get a prescription for letting things slide from time to time. It could be about taking some time off to have fun or maybe sliding in to bed early to recharge our batteries.

Sliding into bed is pure pleasure in the handmade comfort of a luxury bed from Millbrook Beds. Slide into the superior support created by thousands of individually nested pocket springs finished with layers of some of the finest sumptuous fillings available and let your troubles slide away too….