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Slip into something more comfortable 

It’s probably the most well-known double entendre, but when someone says they’re going to ‘slip into something more comfortable’ their specific phrasing means it’s unlikely you’ll see them next appear in their cow print fleece all-in-one as is the literal meaning of the phrase!

But, to us, ‘slipping into something more comfortable’ has an obvious third meaning if you’ll allow us the liberty of a triple entendre. To us – on the nights when lovemaking isn’t part of the agenda – slipping into something more comfortable can only mean slipping between the sheets of the most comfortable thing we know: a handmade Millbrook Bed.

The kind of #perfectsleep comfort we create at Millbrook Beds has been many decades in the making and is something we’re incredibly proud of.

Individually nested pocket springs are layered with mini comfort springs to provide unique and responsive support for your neck and spine. Sumptuous layers of natural fillings are expertly blended to create a soft, breathable surface and are enveloped within a chemical free Egyptian cotton cover that is hand side stitched into place according to the traditional craftsmanship technique.

And with 48hr Fast Track delivery available on our best selling Millbrook Beds, you can be slipping into something more comfortable much sooner than you think.