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Slow mornings

We’re willing to bet there’s a fair few families who’ll have mixed feelings when the 8th March rolls around – overwhelming relief at the lifting of the burden of homeschooling, but also sorry to let go of slow mornings.

Dark mornings and a lockdown lifestyle have, to a lesser or greater extent, enabled many families to indulge in luxuriously slow mornings. The time pressure of jostling for allotted bathroom time, scrabbling to find misplaced school uniform, not to mention the painstaking task of encouraging younger children to dress and breakfast, has been off the agenda for a while. 

Starting the day right can make a difference to how we live the rest of it. Days that begin stressfully can easily carry on in that vein; days that begin peacefully and productively can similarly set the tone for a positive day.

Whether your morning allows for a slow or fast-paced routine, perhaps not surprisingly we think the best way to start your day is by waking up following a #perfectsleep.

In the same way that a nourishing breakfast gives us a head start, a good night’s sleep puts us at an advantage in terms of how likely we are to concentrate, to learn, to manage our emotional responses and even to make positive choices about what we eat.

Give your family the tools they need to get off the starting blocks of the day well with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.